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Discover Sangli

Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary Sangli

Sangli could be a metropolitan town and also the district headquarters of Sangli District within the state of Maharashtra, in western India. it's referred to as the Turmeric town of Maharashtra because of its production and trade of the spice. Sangli is located nearby on the banks of the river Krishna and homes several sugar factories.

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Ganapati Temple Sangli

Sangli is a city situated within the Sangli district of Maharashtra, in India. The city is featured with many sugar factories and is placed on the banks of the Krishna river. The name of this places comes from ‘Saha Gali’, which implies ‘six lanes’ within the Marathi language. it's one among the outstanding cities of the

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Sangli Bridge

Sangli is additionally far-famed for its bridges that are related to the Krishna river. Among the list of bridges found in this city, the foremost well-liked ones are the Ankali Bridge, Krishna Bridge, and Irwin Bridge. Among these 3 well-known bridges, the Krishna Bridge is that the oldest one,

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Sangli Fort

The district of Sangli is a recent creation, being created as late as in 1949. it had been then called South Satara and was renamed Sangli in 1961. it's partially created of some talukas that once formed a part of the previous Satara District and components of the States and Jahagirs happiness to Patwardhan

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